Are you planning on traveling overseas with your pet?

Under Australia’s Export Control Act 1982, a health certificate are required for export of companion animals from Australia. Many countries require animals be treated /tested/vaccinated (such as Rabies vaccine and Tapeworm) in Australia prior to export, and all countries require that live animals receive a final veterinary inspection before export. 

Metro Mobile Vet is licensed to provide pre-export health certificates as well vaccinate your pet with the necessary vaccines and administer tape wormers required for your pet to enter certain countries (e.g. England/ United Kingdom)

Depending on the country, your pet may need a Rabies vaccine (e.g. USA, Canada), and in some case you may need to prove sufficient antibodies are present in your pets blood stream. This is measured from a blood sample which is assessed in a pathologists laboratory. Due to extended time frames in obtaining and assessing samples (as well as specific times set by the Department of Agriculture) it is highly recommend that these requirements are completed well in advance of the departure time and/or application.

All countries have various requirements and factors such as your pets age, breed and previous history of vaccinations play an important aspect of these requirements. Further information for the country of export can be found here.



Rabies: $155.00

C3 (Parvo, Distemper, Adenovirus): $95.00

C5 (Parvo, Distemper, Adenovirus + Kennel Cough): $125.00

Metro Mobile Vet Consultation: Included in prices above