Did you notice your pet shed hair excessively during their last Vet visit? Its probably no surprise that for some pets there visit can be scary and stressful experience. A the excessive hair loss you may noticed is certainly a stress induced response which is due to the anxiety and/or fear of the unfamiliar environment (aka, the consult room and waiting room). Why this occurs is explained below.

The typical hair growth cycle involves 3 stages or phases. The 3rd phase (called the Telogen phase) is this final or resting stage is when these are ready to naturally shed. Associated with these hair follicles is a small muscle called the arrector pili (the same muscle that causes the hair to stand up on their back when scared). So when your pet has an acute stress episode, these muscle are stimulated and those hair in the Telogen phase are all suddenly released rather than the gradual loss when they’re happy and content at home.

– Dr Ian