Services available include vaccinations, microchipping and home euthanasia services. 


  • All payments required at the time of visit
  • Payment methods: Cash or Card (Pay pass / Chip cards only)
  • Travel costs are now included in my pricing
  • Discounts apply for multiple pets (on the same appointment)
  • Pricing is current as of: 01/03/2024

* Price includes physical exam

Dog / Puppy Core Vaccine (C3): 

Canine (Kennel) Cough: 

C3 + Kennel Cough (C5):





** Discounted pricings apply for Litters - Please contact directly for quote **

* Price includes physical exam

Cat / Kitten Core Vaccine (F3 only)*: 



SQ Microchip: 

(Price Includes registration within Australia)




* Investigation in determining suitability will be required before any decision is made. Price includes consultation.

As your pets best interest will always be priority, sedation and I.V catheter may be used.



Small Dog:

Medium Dog:

Large Dog:

Cremation from Evermore Pet Cremation Perth:






$220 – $450 (price based on pet weight)